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*Special* Unfiltered Šoltansko Organic Extra virgin Olive Oil


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Note: We have received a limited number  of Šolta Special  Unfiltered EVOO. What is special about Unfilter Super Premium Šolta olive oil ? Our olive oil producers do not filter their...

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Note: We have received a limited number  of Šolta Special  Unfiltered EVOO.

What is special about Unfilter Super Premium Šolta olive oil ?

Our olive oil producers do not filter their oils, because we do not want to take away anything that makes it such a complex and perfect product. We leave them for 4 - 6 weeks until the coarse substances settle, then the oil is decanted and placed on the market in small quantities. This strong, wild, cloudy oil is a special specialty and some olive oil lovers can’t wait for this date.

Šoltansko Organic Extra virgin Olive Oil - Most Awarded Dalmatian Olive Oil from the super-variety Šoltanka.

Gold Award in 2021 NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition

Best Croatian Olive Oil Japan 2021

Gold Award in 2020 NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition

Gold Award in 2020  Dubai World Olive Oil Competition

Best Olive Oil in the World  2019 NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition

One of only 4 Croatian EVOO that carry European Union Protected Designation of Origin 

In 2019 Šoltansko EVOO had incredible 1413  polyphenols per kg.

 On Average, EVOOs (the highest quality Olive Oil) range between 100-250 mg/kg polyphenols.

Extra-quality olive oil won multiple awards at the world’s most prominent competitions. In New York, in 2019. declared the Best Oil in the World in the category of medium intensity organic monosort oils. It has a fruity aroma of green apple, fresh grass, and green olive fruit. Fresh fruity notes dominated by almonds, green tomatoes, and aromatic herbs a concordance of medium spiciness and pleasant bitterness.

This oil is nicely paired with fried or grilled vegetables, fish,  especially tuna, shrimp, and grilled lamb, and goes well with more intense salads, e.g. of the rocket, radicchio, etc.

 About Šoltansko Olive Oil

Šoltan olive growers pick their olives manually. Thus, only healthy and undamaged fruits are immediately selected for oil production. Collected juicy and fresh olives are transferred to one of the oil mills on the island for processing the same day, and the resulting olive oil is stored in stainless steel containers until poured into labeled bottles. All these actions take place completely and only on the island of Šolta, and only closed and labeled with the protection of origin bottles are allowed to leave the island. 

Olive groves are scattered all over the island of Šolta, all the way from the seashore to the glades in the middle of the island. Olive trees were planted mainly on less valuable terrains, on rocky and steep glades. Although the varieties Oblica and Šoltana are the prominent ones, different microclimates on the island render its unique mark, which is why these oils have many different olfaction and gustation shades. The most interesting oils are the ones obtained from olive fruits harvested in several different locations! Organic production, which is manifested in the abandonment of the use of herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers, gives healthy fruits with a strong cellular structure.

Guarantee of Excelence 

Šoltan olive oil has no additives, spices or oils from other fruits, it is pure juice from the olive fruit. Its production is controlled by an accredited Biotechnicon control station from Split starting already in the olive grove; it controls the production in the oil mill, storing the oil, and finally bottling and labeling.

Olive oil is protected by the European Union Protected Designation of Origin PDO. In addition to the Croatian inspections, the EU Commission’s control services supervise the production, storage, and quantities of olive oil produced, and additionally monitors organic production. 

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