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Our Story

"Life Should Be Delicious"


Our family comes from the small village of Poljana on the island of Ugljan, in Croatia. The island of Ugljan is also known as “Island of Olives” and is one of the most populated islands in Croatia, with the city of Zadar located across the channel. We enjoy the authentic products of Croatia, none more than its award winning extra virgin olive oils and wine. We’d argue that the best olive oil in the world indeed come from the Adriatic region but we would prefer that you discover this on your own. Since we could not find a source in USA for premium extra virgin oils and other delicacies, we've decided to make them available to all food lovers.

From the salty air that seems to cover every inch of the soil in the winter, to the scarce land found amongst the rocks that yields flavorful fruit and vegetables. The olive oil that has been grown in this region for many centuries. In fact, one tree on the Island of Pag has been estimated to be more than 2000 years old.

Croatia is still mostly unspoiled when it comes to food production and preparation, and most of the foods are made naturally using century old techniques. Along with unique Mediterranean climate and ample days of sunshine, many of the Adriatic foods are bursting with unique and natural flavors, the way we still remember them from our childhood. 

We are proud of our selection and we will continue to search for other quality products which we can bring here for your enjoyment. We are always open to suggestions so feel free to contact us at

In 2018, while visiting Croatia the late Anthony Bourdain said “ Croatia is the next great thing. If you have not been here, you are... an idiot! I am an idiot!” “

                                “People who love to eat are always the best people." - Julia Child