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Discover the Premium Olive Oil from the Island of the island of Brač, Croatia

One of the most delicious Dalmatian fruits is certainly an olive. It is estimated that there are around 4.5 million olive trees in Dalmatia, which is a fascinating figure when compared to the population in Dalmatia.


Four main types of olives grow in Dalmatia (Oblica, Levantinka, Lastovka, Drobnica), and produce the highest quality oil, known and recognized throughout the world for its quality, unique taste and specific color.
There is no unique information on the origins and beginnings of olive growing itself, but it is assumed that the culture of olive cultivation on Brač is as old as civilization and brought with it by the Greeks from ancient times. Brač is estimated to grow an incredible one million olive trees today, and the island of Brač is considered to be the largest olive grove in Croatia. The olives are harvested by hand between October 15th and December 15th, and the fruits are processed the same day into famous, high quality virgin olive oil.
The harvesting period depends on the fruit, which must start to change color and turn greenish, yellowish and reddish. This is when we know that the olive season has begun.
The island of Brač is dominated by the variety Oblica, also called the "Brač" olive. It is characterized by a large, somewhat round fruit weighing up to 5 grams. The fruit ripens from mid-October to mid-December, and is often used for canning (green or black olive), except for olive oil. Buhavica or "vrhbračka" olive is an autochthonous variety of the eastern part of Brač, it is very native and resistant to diseases and drought and Levantinka or "šoltanka" is an excellent pollinator of autochthonous varieties.
Olive oil is a food, an indispensable spice in the kitchen, a medicine and a used in cosmetic preparation.
Olive oil from Brac is extra high quality and is an ideal seasoning for fresh lettuce, grilled fish, and cooked vegetables.
The so-called oil of the gods, is characterized by its specific fruity aroma, moderate bitterness, fine aroma of healthy and ripe olive fruits, and is of a specific green olive color. Therefore, if you visit Brač, it is recommended that you bring it home as a top souvenir of this beautiful island.
Finally, we recommend that you visit the footpath "Olive Trails", which begins and ends in the picturesque town of Mirca, the home of olive growing. An attractive circular, 6 kilometer long hiking trail that takes you to the olive groves above the settlement, to Prihod - the old irrigation system, introduces you to the tradition of olive oil production, the types of olive trees growing on Brac and the value of olive oil in daily use. Enjoy!
photos: Supetar Tourist Board
Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Island of Brač, Croatia.


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